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"This seminar far exceeded expectation - Rodger is poised, articulate, respectful- He was dead on with his presentation and I would recommend him without hesitation." - S.M. Canadian Women in Communications (CWC)
"Your participation in our International/Asia Pacific FS Conference helped make it one of the best and more relaxed conferences we've ever had. Very effective facilitation! Thank you." - Paul Masse, Manager, Bombardier Aerospace
" I want to congratulate you on a job well done. A room full of lawyers is not the easiest audience to appear before, yet you ruled the room. You have that unique ability (gift?) to teach ideas without it being hard work. I found your personal style very relaxing yet challenging". - David Clarke, Chair, YLD Division, The Canadian Bar Association of Ontario
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"In this compelling book by a former diplomat, you will learn the secrets (step by step) to developing an intelligence strategy by effective information gathering and analyzing, and then to delivering credible intelligence to senior management."|more...

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Toronto based Rodger Harding, applying leadership savvy learned from military, legal, diplomatic & business consulting experience has a proven record of enabling full leadership potential in scores of business folk. His clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, national not-for-profit organizations & learning institutions.

The Harding Leadership training program raises awareness, validates and empowers the true essence of leadership. We enhance your ability to identify, strengthen and take full advantage of core leadership competencies, instilling legitimate confidence rather than reinforcing a preoccupation with outward presence. | more...
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All Harding International and Associates Inc. programs are designed to:
  • Access existing innate and learned competencies/experience.
  • Enhance individual/team ability to meet current organizational requirement.
  • Accommodate changing environment and circumstance.
Our customized programs are built from scratch and will accurately reflect the unique context of corporate operations and identity. Training products that utilize the Harding Model are limited to one company per industry. This commitment ensures that training initiatives will result in strategic and competitive advantage - We encourage clients to safeguard our techniques and methodology as part of their intellectual property.| more...


Leadership & the Accomodation of Original Thinking - Providing an Acid Test!

by Administrator 07.Mar.2012 15:21:00

Despite the incessant meeting of time, budget and bottom-line parameters, an effective leader would perhaps do well to, at very least, to acknowledge creative individual/team input. So often different or critical thinking is regarded as tangential, time-wasting or even negative.

It is surely a strong service-orientation that would most often prompt suggestion or unsolicited input?
Consistent dismissal or ignoring of ideas will, with time, de-motivate the most committed individual. De-motivated people quit, or worse, stay on as a bitter and negative influence.

Consider the words of maverick/iconoclastic WWII hero Orde Wingate:

“A man who possesses creative ability tends inevitably to form his own original opinions. Unless he is very fortunate the value of his opinions will not be apparent to his superiors unless there is some acid test to which they can be put”  

Wherever possible/appropriate a good leader will provide the occasion for such a test. Innovative/forward thinking forestalls problems, sustains the competitive edge… and in the long term, saves money!  

In the interview/hiring process both the hirer and prospective employee should ascertain the level/percentage that strategy VS execution is desired/required!

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) - Africa Leadership Conference 2012

by Administrator 08.Feb.2012 16:04:00

Recent involvment with the annual Engineers without Borders (EWB) Africa Leadership Conference was both refreshing and stimulating.

Exchanging ideas with such intelligent and erudite minds gave true meaning to global awareness and the importance of building bridges that facilitate a two way flow of ideas! The underlying philosophy of EWB promotes real understanding between nations and collaborative development rather than imposed, and often unworkable, aid packages. An amazing experience!    



 Delegates hailed from Ghana, Malawi, Bourkino Faso & Zambia 

Leadership & Sustainable Relationships: True Colors - Showing who you really are!

by Administrator 02.Feb.2012 14:30:00

In several of the Sustainable Relationship seminars I’ve delivered in recent weeks, it appears that more and more business folk consider it appropriate to hide who they really are. I am repeatedly told that it is a “great strategy to deliver a contrived person/face depending on circumstance.”

I believe this is an impossible feat, as we unwittingly reveal so much of who we are in any interaction – It takes a master of deception to achieve this goal. Added to the mix is the unshakeable reality that discovered subterfuge will of necessity break down any trust that might have existed in the relationship.

Confidently and honestly showing who we are is the basis of establishing;

• A reason for the relationship 
• A good fit
• The possibility of pleasurable interaction
• Evolving trust
• Preparedness to accept relationship dynamics/change

A good relationship requires an acceptance that:

• Relationships evolve/change with the passage of time
• Generosity of spirit is the cornerstone of successful human interaction
• Mutual trust, once broken, can seldom be repaired. Give and demand loyalty!

True Colors – Phil Collins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmfqLOLCNi8&feature=related

True Colors - Cindy Lauper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPn0KFlbqX8&feature=related

For information on Sustainable Business Relationship seminars call (416) 962-6700

Leadership, Purpose & Morality - The Bigger Picture

by Administrator 19.Jan.2012 11:10:00

A recent read of Jonathan Garfinkel’s excellent book Ambivalence, revealed the following passage that, for me, beautifully sums up the underlying ideal of purpose driven leadership. So often today, we confuse leadership with the pursuit of power & influence!

“We are free in so far as we can choose whether or not to act morally...
We're free when we examine our actions, ask hard questions, search for
connection to the ancient...And this freedom is not for the sake of some
ecstatic feeling, nor is it to test how well one follows the laws. Rather,
our choice lies in the attempt to become better people, to do better unto
others.” - Jonathan Garfinkel, AMBIVALENCE


Year-End Message from Rodger Harding

by Administrator 06.Dec.2011 14:34:00

Dear Clients & Friends,

With a strong finish to 2011, I am enthusiastically preparing for my annual vacation. The office will be closed from 7th December 2011- 2 January 2012.

It was gratifying to see Workplace Happiness as a recurring theme in client interaction this year.  It would appear that the term happiness has graduated from a warm and fuzzy term to a priority in securing full team engagement.

As the Holiday Season is drawing near, I thought to share my 3 (decades old, yet still hard to practice) cumulative exercises to achieve personal/professional happiness:

• Practice active Gratitude: Bring mundane fortune to conscious awareness. Good examples are the presence of electricity; running water; a flushing toilet ; a successful computer boot-up; a call from a friend; working limbs/good health; a vehicle that starts - What would our day look like if one or more of these items were not present?

• Celebrate Individuality: We are so often tempted to compare ourselves with others – Constant marketing and social pressure does not make it easy to be content with who we are and what we have.

Most days I force myself to recall the well known line from Desiderata: “There will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself!” Accepting that reality, allows me to experience moments of real pride in my life achievement. My own insignificance in the grand scheme of things sets me free…

• Get off centre stage: So often we place ourselves squarely in the middle of situations. Especially in difficult times we feel that the world is out to get us…Realizing  that the bigger picture is not always evident  - Applying exercises 1 & 2 will ensure our ability to be accepting of randomness, chance and the wild-card factor.

Oftentimes the ability to surrender to perceived unfairness and situations/people that are difficult to digest helps me move on, and live with less stress than in earlier years.      

I am ever grateful for the dozens of people who have contributed in so many ways to the success of my business – There is no way I could have survived without your support! This especially true as I have endeavored to match my own vision with like-minded clients over the past 14 years of operation.

My best wishes to you all for the Holidays … And a safe, healthy and prosperous 2012!

 I look forward to renewed contact in the New Year.

Warm regards,



Leadership, Passion...Mentorship!

by Administrator 27.Sep.2011 19:52:00

As a Canadian Opera Company super (extra) I am privileged during rehearsals to see Maestro Johannes Debus continually exhorting principals and chorus members to think about the meaning of the words they are singing – “the meaning brings the music to life…!” Technical music/vocal excellence is enhanced by expressing the underlying passion/drama of any particular libretto. 

So too in the business world, and any other walk of life, true passion can only really live itself out via the understanding, acceptance & embrace of the significance of our pursuits! Good leadership will recognize, access & accommodate individual/team passion in the pursuit of exceptional deliverables. Is the very concept of mentorship not based on this premise? 

If interested, listen to Maria Callas coaching Juilliard students:


Student Mentorship - York University

by Administrator 23.Sep.2011 09:24:00

Working with York University students has been an enriching aspect of my life for close on 16 years. I have more often than not found the label disability a misnomer… So many of the so-called learning disabled are fast thinkers, distinctly individual in their approach and wildly creative! These attributes are not easily accommodated in mainstream education and corporate life… Entrepreneurship oftentimes is the avenue for these young people to find true meaning and full expression of who they are.

The reciprocal leaning gleaned from student interaction over the years has been invaluable to me in my business – Across the societal landscape, understanding, articulating  and fully investing core competencies is the first step in finding a career fit!   


The Bob Dechert Saga: Vigilance vs Process vs Paranoia

by Administrator 16.Sep.2011 14:44:00

For citizens of a major economic and political power it is surprising how naïve we can be.
Spying has and will always be part of the landscape as long as human competition exists. Creative minds share ideas, exchange information & invent stuff, while others pilfer the results.

Just think how often people (ourselves included) steal from websites, copy designs and download material/information, all identified, researched, analyzed and produced by others … At no cost to ourselves…and certainly with no pangs of conscience!

Yet even at government level, it is startling to notice that people happily assume they are somehow inviolate as intelligence targets! Just as we North Americans stole and copied so diligently from the Europeans, so too, emerging economies are hell bent on gaining the competitive edge at any cost. We make/made it easy with outsourcing, by inviting foreign teams to spend times in our operational environments and by talking too much to close deals. The notion of being somehow in total control of our destinies is perhaps the culprit?

Are we truly aware of what information walks out the door? The solution does not lie in legislation, process, security checks alone; nor in assuming the validity of our own moral code, but rather in the ongoing awareness/vigilance of individuals, teams, organizations and governments as to the economic danger posed by exposure to prying eyes.

In my regular courses on Corporate Intelligence Awareness, I encounter many individuals who persist in equating vigilance with paranoia!



Leadership - The lesson of Don Juan De Marco (Stripping off the masks) & Gender Intelligence

by Administrator 16.Sep.2011 11:00:00

In a world of bottom lines, targets, organizational process & hectic schedules few have time for perceived romantic, magic or eccentric notions. Instead most of us don masks in the workplace that hide all but the nitty gritty business of meeting expectations and getting ahead.

I have watched the metaphorical movie Don Juan Demarco more times than I care to remember… to remind myself of the fact that dreams, wonder, awe and an honest sense of beauty/love underpin the real passion that can push business to magically competitive heights.

Seeing and accommodating people for who they really are, surely is vital to accessing full team/individual contribution. Feeling able to be oneself in safety releases the creative and leadership spirit – The fact that caring (as opposed to mere compliance) and willingness to serve matters, creates a climate of confidence and trust. 

For me, this is especially true if the full professional contribution of women is to be secured! Does our current business value system/model and ideas of political correctness not override the very essence of what women bring to the workplace? Do we regard women as women … Appreciating them as women? Are we guilty of pretending that gender difference/gender intelligence has no corporate advantage?

My work with so many women over the years has proved, to me anyway, that if women are allowed… and indeed give themselves permission to be women, the accommodations of dreams and supposedly far fetched aspirations can become reality. 


“where has the magic gone? why are there only minds at work plotting their next move? what happened to the heart? Has it been cast aside and left asunder? Why do we give in to the logic of expediency, creating more walking dead? Must we transform ourselves to break the curse of mediocrity? YES!!!!” – eyeLuvTheOutsiders – YouTube


Leadership: Seeing others … Looking beyond the smile!

by Administrator 01.Sep.2011 11:32:00

The reported suicide of Wade Belak this week was, for me, perhaps more poignant because everyone who new him reported a happy go lucky, smiling, carefree guy who always projected success and positivity … Even in the hours immediately preceding his tragic demise.

In our professional/personal lives, do we really take the time to look beyond the facade of those we know and love?

In my consulting work, I often encounter situations where it is deemed inappropriate to pry/probe or even notice the untoward. Is this because we are fearful of being considered invasive… laboring under some misguided notion of what is deemed professional behavior? Hopefully it is not because we simply don’t care enough!

A true leader will create professional (and personal) relationships that factor in real human feelings… A climate of confidence and trust that makes it OK for people to share, imperfection, negativity, weakness and fear!

How many Wade Belaks are in our midst… Hiding their anguish behind a smile?  What could we do to help?

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